3 Tips to making this Easter season a swimming success for your church

The Easter season is around the corner! (YAY!!)  For churches, Easter is a huge deal.  It’s a time when many people pause for reflection and when, traditionally, people begin to consider their lives in light of faith and family.  For many, its the one time a year that people will consider taking their family to church.   For a church who is passionate about impacting their community, the Easter season is a great chance to make a real, eternal impact on the community.

In light of the importance of this season, don’t you think it’s smart to put some really creative thought into how your church will draw in the most people?  After all, it’s really hard to love on people when they aren’t physically “there”, right?

So, here’s how to make sure that your church can really make a powerful, eternal impact on their community this Easter season.

1.  Do something no one else is doing

Every church is hiding Easter eggs and every church is having a pot luck after service…but which church will be able to draw in the seekers “out there” to show up at your house of worship on Easter Sunday?    Wouldn’t it be cool if your church came up with something fun that no one else was doing?  That’s what draws people. Uniqueness!  I mean, think about it.

Here’s a wild example from Church By The Glades in Coral Springs, Florida.  They had a 9,000 lb elephant named Judy at their Easter service.  WOW.  I’d go just to see that.  It’s gimmicky – yes.  But what if you took the presence of a physical elephant and and wrapped your Easter sermon around a clever message playing off of  the figure of speech about “the elephant in the room”, then you might have something that’s cool.  So, what is the “elephant in the room” for the congregation this Easter that many may have forgotten (or ignored)?  That Jesus is ALIVE and He loves them!

Now, obviously, you guys aren’t all going to go get a circus elephant, but you get the idea.  Do something SO out of the box that people will have to come see what it’s all about.  Then you can meet them, serve them and get to know how your church can be a blessing to their family this season.  If you need some thoughts on how to create and craft a message to encourage more people to attend your Easter service, check out the blog we wrote on the art of creative messaging.

2.  Generate a buzz

Get your social media engine running.  Start dropping little hints building up to the “big reveal”.  Do fun little games like dropping riddles and clues on your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that people can guess what’s about to go down at your church this Easter.  Also, if you want to get people who aren’t currently involved in your church to attend on Easter morning, do a social media contest where people are encouraged to bring a friend.

Social media is free and it’s great to get the word out.  So, gin up your organization’s follower base and get them to gin up theirs.  You’ll find that you can reach a whole bunch of people with minimal effort.

3.  Make your Easter message timeless

Now, this is the part where you’ve done the hard creative work and you’ve come up with a fun way to draw people in to your congregation on Easter Sunday.  You’ve promoted it like crazy through your church’s social media channels and you have mobilized your members to do the same.  Now, your sanctuary is packed out!  What message will they hear today?   Will it be the miraculous Easter story delivered the same way as they’ve heard it a million times?  OR will it be something timeless?

Be heart felt.  Be genuine.  Don’t just offer a normal, run of the mill “Easter message”.  No, purpose with your sermon to really offer a life changing relevant message.  When you authentically give you best and change lives with your message, those in the congregation will get to know your mission, your heart and your love for them and their families.

So, for the best Easter your church has experienced thus far, do what no one else is doing, generate a buzz and make your Easter message timeless.  Be sure to check us out on Facebook and let us know your church’s Easter plans.  Who knows, it might inspire a blog post (wink wink) in the future.  But – let’s try to stay away from the circus animal, ok?

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