And the winner of our Valentines “Show Me Some Love” Facebook Contest Is….


With a strong lead and 236 “likes”, Jen has emerged victorious!  She mobilized her friends and her networks aggressively, strategically and (maybe) a bit shamelessly – but who cares??  She just got her hands on $1,000 of free graphic design work.

We wonder what she’s going to do with it all??  We’ll keep you posted.

We’d also like to tip our hats for a valiant effort and for running an energetic “like” campaign to Mary Bielski and All 4 Him Ministries who came in second place at a distant 179.

We’d like to thank all of you guys who played with us.  It was a lot of fun.  Keep watching The Winn Group blog and be sure to subscribe to our eNewsletter for more fun stuff like this.


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