Congratulations to gmc-tv, TWG's December Featured Client

Hey there Winn Group family, we wanted to give a celebratory shout out to one of our most dedicated clients, gmc-tv. gmc has given us the opportunity to partner with their success for much of 2010 and we have loved every minute of it – so, we want to celebrate gmc-tv and their mission throughout the month of December.

We love working with companies that are are committed to providing something that advances the betterment of humanity.  This is why we ONLY service nonprofits and cause centric entities.

gmc is the source for family friendly programming.  With gmc-tv, you never have to be concerned about what your kids are being exposed to.  We love gmc because you can trust them.  And we are excited to celebrate that this month.

What is probably most impressive about gmc-tv is that they are succeeding at expanding their audience in a medium with hundreds of competing programming alternatives.  Just think about it, how many channels does your cable provider offer you?  Exactly.  To succeed in the cable media market is no small feat – especially with a 100% family friendly line-up.

gmc-tv is proving every day that the television viewers want a family friendly, safe programming alternative that they can count on…and The Winn Group is blessed to be a part of their growth.

Thought this month, we will be highlighting gmc on our blog, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Be sure to check out gmc-tv on DIRECT TV, channel 338.  If you are on cable, be sure to ask your provider for access to gmc-tv and their phenomenal programming.