Dear Coyote: Here's how to catch the roadrunner…

My son, Peyton (5), loves to watch the old school saturday morning cartoons that we 30 somethings grew up watching.  He loves (I mean, LOVES) laughing at that ol’ coyote as he tirelessly and unsuccessfully chases after the roadrunner.

So, Mr. Coyote, (if you are reading this), here’s some advice…you have to plan.  And not “halfway” plan…but really, really plan things out.  If you don’t…well, we’ve all see the what happens.  It usually ends in a long fall, a cloud of dust and a hysterical, “Beep, Beep!”

I see this a lot in the non-profit sector as it relates to marketing and getting a message out.  Most organizations do not plan all the way.  They have ideas, they have passion, they have a few resources and they have a goal in mind.  But failure to plan marketing initiatives from idea to completion usually ends in poor results.

Take the time to plan before you spend one penny or one man-hour.  Create a goal.  Research your audience.  Develop a message.  Define your budget.  Assign a calendar and delegate tasks.  THEN, you can be assured success.

Only then, Mr. Non-Profit person, will you enjoy a nice roadrunner roast.