Greater Washington Area Residents Give to the Max ON NOVEMBER 9

Give To The Max Day - Greater Washington Fundraising

Local Nonprofits Will Raise Millions in Just 24 Hours

WASHINGTON, DC, November 7, 2011 – Starting at midnight on Wednesday, November 9, local residents will donate online to help raise millions of dollars for local nonprofits as part of the first annual Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington ( Give to the Max Day is a massive one-day regional online fundraiser that will unite local Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC communities to support nonprofits serving the area.

As part of Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington, nonprofits large and small can earn their share of $125,000 in cash awards, including up to $25,000 for nonprofits with the most individual donors and the most money donated.  The individuals who bring the most donors on behalf of their cause can add an extra $10,000 to their donation.

To keep it interesting for all participants, Give to the Max Day will also offer “Golden Ticket” awards of $1,000 for the nonprofits receiving the most individual donations within each hour beginning at 2 PM and ending at midnight.  There are also fun awards for 12th place and 44th place (in honor of the year 2012 and our 44th president).  Businesses can participate too by offering their favorite nonprofits matching grants to help them rally their supporters.

“On November 9, we want people to go to and support their favorite local nonprofits by donating, fundraising and spreading the word,” said Lesley Mansford, CEO of, an online fundraising platform, which partnered with the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region and the United Way of the National Capital Area to create Give to the Max Day. “In Minnesota, Razoo has held two separate Give to the Max days and helped 4,000 nonprofits raise a total of $24 million!  Those kinds of funds are desperately needed in this region”

“The region’s culture of giving and helping others is strong, but declines in corporate and government support are taking their toll at a time when nonprofits are facing overwhelming demand for their services,” said Terri Freeman, President, Community Foundation for the National Capital Region. “Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington provides area residents the chance to unite in support of all the great nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to improve our community.”

“This event will open the doors to new source of funding for our more than 700 member nonprofits we serve throughout the region,” said Bill Hanbury, President and CEO, United Way of the National Capital Area. “By introducing them to a new digital age platform where more and more consumers are focusing their interests and philanthropy, we will expand the impact of our workplace giving programs.”

“We have long been an enthusiastic champion of efforts that democratize philanthropy through the collective power of donations large and small,” said Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation. “Nonprofits have to develop creative approaches to reach new donors and advocates, particularly in tough economic times. We’re excited about Give to the Max Day’s potential to do just that in our community and to serve as a model for the nation to follow.”

Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington encompasses Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, The City of Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Charles County and of course, Washington, DC.  All registered United States 501(c)(3) organizations that have been vetted by the IRS are eligible to participate in the event.  This inaugural one day giving event is being held in conjunction with Digital Capital Week, which is a series of Web 2.0 events from Nov. 4-11.

Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington was created by online fundraiser Razoo, and organized and supported by The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region and United Way of the National Capital Area. The other six members of the “Eight Neighbors” group—an alliance of local leading nonprofit and civic organizations – have also come together to support this event: Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Greater Washington Board of Trade, Leadership Greater Washington, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington, and the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers. The Case Foundation is the Social Impact Partner of Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington. These groups have united to offer any local 501(c)(3) the opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash awards.

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