• how I love my mac

“How I Love My Mac”, By TWG Creative Director, Lance Hart – and other diversions :)

Hey guys!  So, we were looking through the TWG “team” page on our website and realized that our company is the poster child for Apple and Macs in general.  All of us were PCs at one time, but now we’ve come to the light and we tip our hats to Steve Jobs every time we go into the office.

In fact, we have a coder by the name of Shandra Davis.  She’s a wonderful lady who is passionate about using her craft to advance nonproft causes.  Anyway, until yesterday, she was a PC…but now (and the angels are singing) – SHE’S A MAC!!!

Check out her Facebook post:

Shandra Davis: “is OFFICIALLY a Mac user now! It took four years of long hard work in school and in the real world. Oh how sweet it is to be staring into the eye-popping graphics of a 27 inch iMac. Paul and I think we heard the hallelujah chorus when the it came to life. It is a good day, a very good day indeed.”

And, as an ode to Mr. Jobs and to show The Winn Group’s love for all things Apple, our Creative Director, Lance Hart wrote this little ditty.

He calls it, “Oh How I Love My Mac”