If a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words…

… then what’s a video worth?
Lately, we’ve been thinking about what motivates people to engage with a cause. We’ve talked a bit about telling stories and painting pictures with numbers, but video can also be a powerful tool to effectively inspire people to get involved. Below are a couple of videos that have inspired us.

**Caution: Some viewers may find this video disturbing**

The Montana Meth Project doesn’t pull any punches with their ads. This was just one of the many videos from their campaign that gave us chills. By portraying the raw reality of the destruction meth use and addiction causes, this organization has affectively and even a bit aggressively played on their viewers’ sense of decency to bring their message home.

Using a very different approach, The Girl Effect also incites their audience to action. The stick figures seem benign enough, but that ticking clock really instills a sense of urgency, reminding us of the seriousness of the issue. We can’t speak for you, but we were certainly moved.

Regardless of the approach, the key to the effectiveness in each of these videos is their ability to instill empathy in the viewer. You already have a cause worthy of empathy. By developing a video, you can engage all the senses to provoke others to action. Video is just another format from which to tell your story.

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