Introducing February’s Client of The Month, The Indiana Immunization Coalition

Hey blog family, it’s that time again – time for us to sing the praises of one of our most beloved clients.  In this case, we want to give our shout outs to the Indiana Immunization Coalition.

We’ve had the privilege of serving this health advocacy group for about a year now.  It started with us helping them develop their 2010 strategic plan.  Since then, we have enjoyed many more fun times helping IIC succeed in impacting the state of Indiana.

The Indiana Immunization Coalition’s mission is to reduce the spread of vaccine preventable diseases in Indiana through education, advocacy and strategic partnership with public and private entities like rural health clinics and other health care providers.

IIC is committed to advancing a healthier Indiana by supporting vaccination best practices and reaching out to underserved populations in rural and inner city populations.  With their strategic partners, their public awareness tools and their highly trained staff of medical professionals, IIC has been in the forefront of reducing vaccine preventable diseases since their founding.

So, hat’s off to the team at the Indiana Immunization Coalition for the good work they are doing in the Hoosier state.  Here’s to many more years of friendship!

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