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Introducing Roma Boots

We are very excited to introduce one of our newest clients: Roma Boots.

Roma Boots was founded in February 2010, with the goal of providing proper footwear to children in Eastern Europe and ultimately around the world. Adopting the “buy-one-give-one model” they manufactured 10,000 rain boots and successfully completed their first boot drop in Romania on Christmas Eve.

Just one year later, The Winn Group joined forces with Roma to help tell their incredible story. In 2-short weeks we filmed, edited, and produced a video for Roma highlighting the tangible impact they are making. We hope you not only enjoy learning about the mission, but also consider joining them by purchasing a pair of rainboots for yourself or a friend.

Roma has recently learned about a serious need in Guatemala for proper footwear. Seasonal rains mixed with volcanic ash have created deadly mudslides, which put thousands of children in danger everyday. Roma Boots has partnered with the Global Aid Network to do a boot drop in Guatemala this spring.

The Winn Group has set a goal of helping sell 50 pairs of rain boots to help the children of Guatemala. Let’s help 50 children and then keep going! Pass this video onto your friends and family. Let them know about the incredible work Roma is doing and let’s make a tangible difference this week. BUY HERE!


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