Mapquest Can’t Get You There…

…but a site map can help. You need a website that captures visitors while covering all of your functional needs. Designing a website is a journey you don’t want to go on without a plan, or you never know where you might end up.

Before you sit down with a designer, you will want to think a bit about the layout of your site. Think about what pages you want to have, i.e. an “about” page, a “contact us” page, a “giving/donations” page, etc. You want to make sure that you list everything you want on your website including functional features like a rotating banner or a video player.

Don’t worry too much about the way it looks. This is just a sketch to make sure you and your designer have all the bases covered. Here’s an example of a fairly simple site:

Of course, if you have a more complex site, the map may be a bit more complex, but the typical site map should fit on a single page.

If you’re still having difficulty figuring out where to start, you can always get help with developing your site map. In fact, at The Winn Group, we include site mapping in our process.

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