New website launch for Jen Tringale Ministries

If you guys keep up with The Winn Group blog, then you were introduced to our January Client of The Month – Jen Tringale of Jen Tringale Ministries.  Over the last few months, we’ve done quite a bit with Jen to help her develop her brand identity, logo and messaging. We recently partnered with Jen to develop her web presence too.

Well, the time has come for the grand unveiling!

(Drum roll please)

Yup.  There it is folks, Jen’s gateway to the world and your gateway to an awesome speaker, writer and all around great human being.  Jen’s passion for empowering and equipping women to excel in the professional world through their natural, God given skills and abilities is now accessible to you!  You can now bring this national speaker right into your living room (well, figuratively at least – but who knows, you may be able to work out a deal with her).

Want to hear Jen speak?  Check out

Want to pick up her latest dynamic teaching series?  Check out

Better yet, do you want to have Jen speak at your next event?  Find out how to make it happen at

If you’re a woman, if you know a woman or if you love a woman you have got to check out Jen Tringale Ministries.  It truly is a great resource if you want to be empowered and prodded into greatness.

So, go to her site (, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, order an encouraging teaching series (or 4)  and sign up for her newspaper…all at on place:

We’ll see you there!

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