Social media for grown ups. Moving from toy to tool. Part 2

Welcome to social media for grown ups, part 2 – where we learn to take this online toy and use it as a powerful marketing tool.

Yesterday we asked how many of you had a Facebook account.  Now, how about a Twitter account?  A blog?  The funny thing is that we all (or most of us) have at least one of these, and we use it for whatever we want to use it for – and we probably think it works pretty good for what we need it to do.

So, I often wonder why people feel this way about their personal social media use, but don’t think the tools apply to their business or nonprofit.  In the words of Yul Brenner in the 1959 version of “The King and I”, tis a puzzelment!

(Sorry, my mom was a huge made-for-movies-musical fan as I was growing up)

The point:  incorporating social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) into your nonprofit marketing plan is not a “when we get around to it” option.  No, it’s a “must have it now, should’ve had it yesterday” tool.  If your nonprofit doesn’t have an active Facebook, Twitter or Blog – get one.

A tip to start a Facebook account for your nonprofit:

Make sure you set up a Facebook group account.  There is more functionality, more business friendly applications that you can download into your group page and more credibility to your organization if it’s set up as a group rather than as a Facebook user – also, Facebook does not set a cap on the number of followers a group account can gather.

A tip for using a Twitter account for your nonprofit:

Twitter is great for quick messages of 140 characters or less.  To make Twitter work for you, you have to “tweet” multiple times a day.  This may be great for your nonprofit…it might not.  But it’s all in how you use it and how often you update it.  When you launch your blog (you will launch a blog, right?), your Twitter account will be a great funnel to send people who are following your tweets to your blog.

A tip to start a blog for your nonprofit:

Check out or for free, easy to set up blogging platforms.  Starting your blog can be super complicated or super easy.  My guess is that you’ll want to start with the “super easy” stuff first.  So, let’s go with that.

Ok, so your homework between now and the next post is to go set up a Facebook group page, a Twitter account and get your blog platform started.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss how your social media tools can be interesting, engaging and “clickable”.  Don’t miss out.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook ( for updates…or you can just click the RSS icon and get the updates right in your blog feeder.

Until next time…be brilliant!

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