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NonProfit Social Media Marketing | The Winn Group

Social media for grown ups. Moving from toy to tool. Part 3

Now that you all have your Facebooks, Twitter accounts and blogs, let’s talk about being interesting and engaging.  The truth is that you are not as boring as your kids say you are.  You’re hip, edgy…trendy even.  You, my friend, sit at the “cool” table.  (Don’t act like you don’t remember the “cool” table in the high school cafeteria)

The point is:  you have something to say and people want to hear it.

Often the only hurdle between what you have to say and the audience’s willingness to hear it is your ability to relay the information in an engaging and interesting manner.

Being interesting is an art – let’s face it, I can’t paint a Van Gogh overnight and you can learn how to be interesting on social media platforms overnight either – it takes time and practice to be interesting and engaging.  But if you are committed to “saying” everything in a way that:  1) connects to something emotional in your audience, 2) offers something personal from your own experience and 3) offers a way for the reader to engage in a response – then you win.  You have become interesting to your audience.  Ta da!!

Example:  Instead of saying, “I had Lucky Charms for breakfast.” Say, “I had Lucky Charms today and picked out the rainbows. What’s your breakfast cereal quirk?”

I’ve 1) connected with something emotional in you – in this case a childhood memory, 2) I offered something personal from me – my own personal quirk and 3) I offered you a way to engage with me by sharing your own personal experience.

Another way to be interesting and engaging is to highlight other blogs, tweets (called “re-tweeting”), or content from other organizations that you find interesting and engaging.  Remember, social media is about community…it’s about connectivity and a growing a virtual world of BFFs (that means “best friends forever” – just in case you didn’t sit at the “cool” table).

In your personal life, when you meet a new person, you want to introduce them to your circle of friends, right?  Well, you do the same on your social media platforms.  Don’t be hesitate to introduce your virtual friends to each other.

So, we’ll cut it off here…but remember, practice makes perfect…so get to practicing.  Stay tuned for Part 4…