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NonProfit Social Media Marketing | The Winn Group

Social media for grown ups. Moving from toy to tool. Part 5

Part 5!  Yes, it’s that time…the time when we wrap up our “Social media for grown ups” series.  If you have been following with me you’ve 1) integrated social media tools into your marketing plan, 2) you’ve set up all of your social media functions (i.e. Facebook, twitter, blogs), 3) you’ve become “interesting” and 4) you know what “V.I.T.A.L.” content is.  Now, what’s left?  (I believe a drum roll is in order here)…WE MAXIMIZE!!!

Ok, that’s enough excitement.  Put down your noise makers…you’ll hurt yourself.

But really, what good is a savvy social media presence if you can’t measure results and use your content to drive traffic via search engines (we call that “SEO” – but you already knew about that)?  This is how you maximize your social media presence:  you track it and you make it work for you.

It may sound weird, but your content can (and should) work for you.  Through the magic of google, Bing, and various other search engines, an entire suite of “search engine maximization” tools are available for the taking – for free.

Did you hear that?  Free.  Music to the nonprofit marketers ears.

Did you build your site on WordPress?  Every blog post entry page has and “all in one SEO pack” at the bottom of the page.  Blogspot and other blog building templates have SEO packs as well.  Use these tools to maximize your search engine exposure.  The blog builder’s SEO pack will walk you through the process.  But here’s a quick tip:  For every blog post, choose 3 words or phrases that you think run all throughout your blog topic and use those words and phrases in the text of your blog entry.

Also on your website, you can incorporate an RSS feed that will pull in your Facebook and Twitter updates.  This will give your site instant content that Google likes to see.  You can also incorporate this tool into your blog site (every blog builder offers this feature).

Another way to maximize your blog is to set up a fee Google analytics account that “watches” the URL (the unique address of your blog) traffic.  You can see who is looking at your blog, where they come from, how long they are staying on it and if they are linking it to their own Facebook’s, Twitter accounts and blogs.  Seeing what people are doing with your social media content helps you maximize how you use these tools.

Really, there is room for another 5 part blog series on how to SEO maximize and track your social media presence, but employing and then mastering these few tips will get you light years ahead of the other groups that are vying for the same audience.

So, now that you are all super duper social media experts, be sure to follow The Winn Group on Facebook, Twitter and this blog.  Let us know your success in social media marketing and we’ll highlight them here for all to glean from.