The Color Conundrum: What you see is not always what you get.

If you’ve ever painted a wall in your home, you’ve probably run into the color conundrum. You know, that little one inch square of blue seemed cheerful and airy before you covered a wall in it, but now you feel like you’re surrounded by blueberries.

Perhaps as you begin choosing colors for your logo or other marketing ventures, you may have wondered about what sort of standards are available to make sure the colors you want are the colors you end up with.

Here at The Winn Group, we’re very comfortable with color standards, and we’d love to help you sort out the conundrum for your organization. To start, let’s define some terms:

  1. RGB –  Indicating red, green, and blue, this color model is used primarily for electronic devices such as televisions, computer screens, and mobile phone displays. Essentially, every color you see on your screen is made up of some combination of red, green, and blue. The problem comes because each device reads these combinations slightly differently, which can deceive the eye.
  2. CMYK – This color model refers to cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (or black), which are the four primary colors of ink used for some printing. This model is also somewhat device dependent, meaning there can be some variation from one printer or press to another. Additionally, colors described in the RGB model, but printed using the CMYK model may be lost in translation, so to speak.
  3. Pantone – Pantone, Inc. is a company known for developing the Pantone Matching System which is a proprietary system used throughout the design and printing industries to standardize color matching regardless of the device. Pantone has even created a product called Huey for your computer monitor which senses ambient light and uses the information to adjust your display for accurate viewing of colors.

As you can see, “what you see is what you get,” isn’t always the case when it comes to color, but if you work with an expert who knows how to define the right colors for the job, this puzzle can be solved. And we have an app for that! Just kidding, but we can help.

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