The Infectious Power of Kindness

We’ve all seen those insurance commercials where one kind act passes from one person to the next. You know the ones – a man helps a woman get her baby and stroller onto a bus, then the woman picks up and returns someone’s wallet when they drop it, and on and on. It makes us wonder, can kindness really be spread like a virus?

In 2008, one act of kindness turned viral when Carolee Hazard paid for the groceries of a stranger. Jenni Ware was that stranger, stranded at the grocery checkout having lost her wallet. Jenni later sent Carolee a check to repay her for the $207 bill but rounded it up to $300 as a thank you, suggesting Carolee use the extra $93 for a massage or something nice for herself. Carolee posted the story on Facebook, asking her friends what they would do with the extra money. “Give it to charity!” they replied.

Carolee chose to match Jenni’s gift and donate the $186 to a local food bank, since the original event had occurred in a grocery store. Inspired by the story, friends also began donating $93 of their own, sharing the story with their Facebook friends, who shared it with their friends, and since that time nearly $120,000 has been donated to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley! And thus was born The 93 Dollar Club.

Kindness, particularly unselfishly motivated kindness, is a powerful thing. Before that one event at the grocery store, all those people could have been giving to the food bank, but they didn’t. Why not? Was it because they were unkind or uncaring? Obviously not, or they never would have given. It was simply because they were uninspired. One woman’s kind act reminded them of the kindness they were capable of and inspired them to act.

We know that your organization is doing good work motivated by kindness and love, so get out there and inspire others, and let us help you. As the 93 Dollar Club proves, people want to spread kindness, they just need you to show them where it’s needed.

So, tell your story, share your numbers, and be the inspiration you are!

*See more about The 93 Dollar Club here*

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