The Scoop on Public Relations

by Kristen Smith

Have you ever wondered what exactly “PR” really is? I would tell you what it’s not– but that would break the holy grail of public relations rules. (I’ll tell you that one on another day…just to keep you wringing your hands in suspense!)

Every firm and every practitioner to whom you might ask this question would likely give you a different answer. My answer is simple: It’s telling your story honestly.

By presenting yourself PRECISELY as the company/person/organization that you are, you never have to think twice about your words getting you in a pickle. And, speaking of pickles, you won’t find yourself in the midst of an identity crisis either.

A wise and seasoned PR professional once told me, “If you always tell the truth, you never have an opportunity to get your story mixed up.” She was absolutely, 100% right. Take her advice.

Public relations is about managing your image through your public rhetoric. But without honesty, your empty words dig a shallow grave for your public image.

So, you see… because the reach of public relations can be difficult to measure, it is often the “missing link” of all effective communications plans. You might have a rock-solid marketing strategy, an eye-catching logo, perfectly printed collateral material, a social media enterprise and a high-traffic website– but without the ability to present yourself through effective and sincere rhetoric, you may survive, but you’ll never thrive!

If you want to know more about how public relations can help your business avoid an oncoming identity crisis, contact The Winn Group today. We’ll tell you our story.

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