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The Sunday Bulletin: Useful Tool or Sacred Cow? | The Winn Group

The Sunday Bulletin: Useful Tool or Sacred Cow?

Church bulletins/programs have been around for ages, and they have a been a useful platform for communicating with congregations and newcomers. Today, we print bulletins without a thought. It’s become a part of how a church works.

But just because something serves a purpose doesn’t mean it’s the only means of fulfilling that purpose or that it’s the best. Time rolls on and brings new technology, new and better ways to accomplish tasks, and while the church bulletin may appear to be working for you, you might find other options that could work better and cost less.

You might consider creating a digital version of your bulletin, one that could be accessed online throughout the week, or maybe develop an app to allow viewing on mobile phones. Some of these might require some up front costs, but if they would allow you to eliminate printing bulletins, how long would it take to recover the costs?

Talk to your congregation. Do they read the printed bulletin and find it useful? Would they prefer a digital version sent to their email each week? Do they live by their iphones and prefer an app? Obviously, no technology is worth the cost if people aren’t going to use it, so take the time to be sure that the needs of your congregation are going to be met.

The truth is that every church is different. Maybe the printed bulletin really is the best option for your church at this moment in time. Only you can decide, but we want to encourage you to challenge the old ways of doing things and be certain you aren’t wasting money and resources on old methods simply because that’s the way it’s always been done.

And don’t stop at the bulletin. This is just one example of methods and tools that we sometimes use out of habit. Take the time to compile data on all your methods of communication and publicity so you can make great decisions for your church and put your resources to their best use.

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