• American Bible Society

The Winn Group and The American Bible Society – together on the Times Square Jumbotron!

You may not know this, but The Winn Group was conceptualized over 25 years ago.  While most of us in our mid 30’s were playing with our Atari and watching The Snorks, our founder, Shaun, was dreaming up this company.  He had a passion to help spread the message of organizations that are impacting the world.  Never in a million years, did we think that anything we  did would end up on the (wait for it…)

Times Square JUMBOTRON!!

We had (and continue to have) the privilege of working with an absolutely wonderful organization…you may have heard of them…The American Bible Society.  These guys are great – and for the faith based community they are indispensable to bringing the bible to the world and making that great Book accessible to the masses.

They came to us and needed some help sharing a message to the masses – a message about the true meaning of Christmas:  That God sent his only son to earth in the form of a man to rescue mankind so that none should perish but have eternal life!  Oh, and did we mention that they wanted to share that message at the (drum roll….)

Times Square JUMBOTRON!!

So in keeping with the TWG vision – to be a full service advertising agency for nonprofits and cause centric organizations – of course we said, “Why not?  Let’s do this!”

Check out the video and remember, there’s no sound (because it’s on the Times Square JUMBOTRON!!)

Be sure to go to www.americanbible.org for more information on how you can support their mission.  In the mean time, be sure to go to NY, walk through Times Square with a million other people and be sure to point up at the jumbo tron where the REAL reason for the season is being shared with the world!!