The Winn Group's “Christmas – Italian Style” 2010 Christmas Party

Ok, so, really, have any of you had one of those nights that, from start to finish was one for the books?  Yea, that is a great way to sum up the fun that the entire TWG team had last Saturday at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Dallas, Texas.

Here’s the story

Shaun invites us all to a “little intimate gathering” in Dallas to celebrate a wonderful year of advancing the cause of nonprofits and cause centric organizations across the globe.  Of course, when there is free food and the promise of fun, we all get a little giddy.

What you may not know is that TWG is made up of an entire staff that lives across the country.  Yea, no bricks and mortar here!  Through the magic of technology, we work as if we were right in the next cubicle with each other.  So, our gracious host flies some of us down from places like Indiana and Tennessee and beyond – puts us up in a hotel room and prepares every detail necessary for us all to have a stellar evening.  (Thanks Shaun, you RAWK!)

We get to the restaurant and there are like 15 of us there – so much for an “intimate gathering”.  The appetizers kept coming.  No really, after the first round of salads, calamari and Maggiano’s famous fried mozzarella cheese, most of us were ready for the check!

Then came the meatballs – then the spaghetti, the chicken parm, the lasagna, and on and on and on…until the mounds of ice cream and what looked like a mountain of chocolate cake showed up. The spread was ridiculous.

Then, Shaun breaks out the 2 International Davey Awards, that our Creative Director, Lance Hart won in the face of stiff competition from over 6,000 entries.  This was the first Davey Award for Lance and for the TWG design team.  Hat’s off to him and his team of creative gurus – and a bigger tip of our hat to the clients, Dare2Share Youth Ministries and Plano, Texas Visitors Bureau, for the opportunity to design their marketing pieces.

The most amazing part of the whole evening was the chance that we all had to connect with each other and the relationships that were advanced that night.  We really do have the best job on the planet!  We work with passionate people who exert their efforts to better humanity through the client’s we serve.  We work for a greater purpose…how’s that for motivation?

This TWG Christmas party was about great friends, great memories and exciting visions for the year to come – at this year’s gathering, we accomplished every bit of that.

So now that we are all back to work, we are ready to get out there and celebrate the clients that we are so privileged to serve.

Here’s to a great 2010 and the promise of a great 2011.  Thank you all for allowing us the opportunity to help your organization effect change across the world!