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Every wonder how fast your internet connection really is? Are you getting what you paid for? We’ll Ookla, a company that specializes in measuring the speed of the internet has a free tool that can help you measure and troubleshoot your broadband connection. Their flagship product, Speedtest, is available by visiting, from any from any flash-enabled browser.

To begin the test simply click the “Begin Test” button and the tool will begin testing the download speed of your connection. After a few seconds, it will switch to test the upload speed. Once testing is complete it will provide you with a simple report that lets you compare your results to other users in the area or share them with the world.  Keep in mind that upload speed is usually throttled on most consumer connections, so don’t be surprised if Speedtest gives you low numbers.

Here is a sample screen shot from a test we ran this morning over a Wifi connection.

If you want to check the internet connection for your smart phone, Ookla also offers a free app for both iOS and Android devices that will measure the speed of your Wifi or 3G connection.

As Albert Einstein once said, “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Take this valuable information and make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck!


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