Why “Teenagers”? An article from TWG Client, Dare2Share Ministries

Here’s a except from a great article written by TWG client Greg Stier/Dare 2 Share Ministries:

As the former preaching pastor of a thriving church who has intentionally chosen the ministry pathway of working with the hormone/adrenalin saturated segment of the church-going population (aka “teenagers), I often get asked why in one way or another. Why would I resign from what many consider to be the most powerful position in a church (“the pastor”) to pursue highly distracted and super twitchy teens? Why would I give up the security and stability of preaching to adults week in and week out to travel the country and train teenagers to share their faith…at a $23 per student financial loss mind you! Why would I subject myself, staff and family to the endless stress that comes from trying to raise money and run a non-profit during what many consider to be the worst recession since The Great Depression?

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