Your mom said never to write on walls – but that was before Idea Paint

Hey TWG family, we wanted to give a shout out to our friends over at Idea Paint for letting us do what we all really wanted to do as kids – scribble on the walls! When we were younger, doing such an atrocious thing would result in a week without our Nintendos or worse – more chores (gasp!). But now, that we are grown ups, we are more mature.  Now, we can write on whatever wall we want, thanks to Idea Paint.

Our operations room at the home base in Texas has a ginormous wall covered in Idea Paint. Idea Paint is a special paint that turns any surface into a high performance, dry erase surface. When you juggle as many projects as we do, you have to be able to write on every possible thing you can get your markers on!

So, our creative director, Lance wrote a little ditty to sing the praises of Idea Paint. Check it out!

Remember, “An idea’s no longer small when you write it on the wall.  You sure don’t have the time for that other board to fall.”  Be sure to go to their website, check out their blog and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Go get some Idea Paint and  – think in the ink!