Your Story Matters

We’ve been talking a lot about utilizing social media to reach people with your message, and maybe you’re asking, “Why?”

According to marketing expert and author Seth Godin, we’ve moved into a post-advertising era, one in which word of mouth has put on a brand new suit and reclaimed its place as the best way to promote your organization.

Today word of mouth can reach hundreds of ears at once through the magic of social media. Just think about all the people you connect with through sites like facebook and twitter. Friends from middle school, high school, people you might not otherwise be in contact with anymore are now just a status update away.

This is great news for your organization because it’s free advertising, but we don’t want you to waste the opportunity. Word of mouth, even when communicated through the internet, is personal, and for you to succeed in gaining supporters through this medium, your communication needs to be personal. People want to hear your story. So, how do you tell your story?

There are five basic components to a good story according to Robert Dickman and Richard Maxwell, authors of the book, The Elements of Persuasion:

Passion: As a nonprofit or cause-centered organization, passion is probably at the center of what you do. Don’t be afraid to share your heart. Facts don’t engage people; you need them to feel that your cause is important.

The Protagonist/Hero: Who are the people in your story? Is it you or the group of people you are reaching with your organization? Give your audience someone to relate to.

The Antagonist/Obstacle: What was the state of the problem before your organization existed? If you’re a church, this might be unbelief. For our March client of the month, Dare2Share, this would be confronting the culture and providing answers for today’s youth & for our new friend, Roma Boots, this would be overcoming poverty and the lack of suitable footwear.

Awareness: Take yourself back to the moment when you decided to get involved. What did that feel like? How can you communicate and transfer that feeling to others?

Transformation: And finally, how are you making a difference? What is your organization doing that changes the outcome? Your audience wants to see that supporting your work will affect lives for the better. Paint them a picture of a brighter future.

So, that’s it. Take some time to consider your story. Talk to your closest supporters and get their perspective. Then get out there and share! And don’t forget that The Winn Group is here to help you put it all together.

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